ESG investment in ‘real’ clean assets has been primarily restricted to a limited number of technologies including solar PV, wind, battery and biomass technologies. With the deployment of zero-emission vehicles globally, aggregating clean transport at scale provides a new, proven clean asset class for institutional investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

It can be hard for traditional automotive lenders to stand out in a crowded market. Zeti can help such lenders differentiate their offering and have a strategic advantage in securing customers whilst generating attractive risk-adjusted returns and gaining operational insight.

Advantages for lenders

New asset class for ESG investors

Generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns in a new clean asset class comparable to an investment in renewable energy, whilst tracking the environmental benefits in real-time.

Differentiated offering for traditional lenders

Gain a strategic advantage from your competitors, with risk-adjusted upside returns and downside protection.

Investment visibility

Our digital platform pulls live telematics directly from each vehicle giving you insight into asset security. Also, vehicle utilization patterns give insight into the economic performance of the borrower, meaning pre-emptive action can be taken to protect your investment.

Fully automated payment collection

Monthly repayments are entirely managed by Zeti meaning you'll see the monthly repayments in your account hassle free.

Optimised returns

Risk-adjusted upside returns with downside protection.

Platform advantages

Our patent-pending Zero platform offers unparalleled insight for lenders looking to switch to greener transport and closely monitor the behaviour and profitability of their fleet.

Real-time IRR projections

Locate each vehicle in real-time

Monitor progress of a portfolio over time

View projected cash flows

Access full billing history

Automated billing and payment collection

Track payments and monthly accruals

Analyse mileage breakdown per vehicle

Monitor real-time tailpipe carbon and NOx savings to share with stakeholders


"By working with Zeti and utilising their innovative financing platform, MEEF will have access to real time finance and environmental data, demonstrating the impact MEEF is making in improving London’s air quality."

- Pete Radford, Director of MEEF

"I am delighted to see further steps being taken to build a better, greener London for everyone. It is a fantastic way to tackle air pollution and reduce the city’s carbon emissions to help us reach the Mayor’s net zero target by 2030."

- Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy


If you’re a fleet operator, manufacturer or lender interested in learning more about Zeti, please get in touch at hello@zeti.group.