Zeti powers another 100 electric black cabs in London

December 08, 2022

LONDON, UK and SANTA MONICA, Calif., September 30th, 2022 –  Zeti, a leading provider of financial services technology to manage consumption based EV and infrastructure financing, today announced its pay-per-mile ZERO platform is powering deployment of a further 100 LEVC taxis in London

Leading taxi operator Sherbet joins other forward-thinking fleet operators converting  to zero emission vehicles by making it as simple, easy and transparent as paying for any other utility; while enabling institutional financiers to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in a new clean asset class comparable to an investment in renewable energy. 

Zeti acts as a marketplace for institutional financiers to deploy capital into clean, connected vehicle fleets through a pay per mile (or km or kWh) model; managing automated payments and real-time financial and sustainability reporting for financiers and fleet operators via its digital platform, ZERO.                 

“A particular benefit of the ZERO platform is the pooling of vehicle mileage”, said Asher Moses, Sherbet CEO, “with a contracted aggregate mileage across all vehicles, we don’t need to juggle individual cabs to a fixed mileage or end date.”

“We are delighted to further expand our support for zero emission vehicles in London.” said Emma Bell, Zeti Investment Director. “Zeti powered vehicles have already saved over 4,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide and 11,000 kg of nitrous oxide in Britain’s capital, and we look forward to extending this to other cities across the globe.” 


About Zeti:

Zeti sits at the intersection of fintech, mobility and sustainability, unlocking the potential of technology to revolutionize the financing of transport and support the goals of business and society.

Media Contact:

Phoebe Dickson, Marketing Manager